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Finding Your Perfect Spot for Studying

EMILY HAUSE KAPLAN 02Hello my diligent medical school hopefuls! Today I would like to talk about something that can make or break your studying success: how to find your perfect MCAT study spot.

A couple of things to consider:

1. Do you study better around people or by yourself?
2. Do you like noise or quiet while you study?
3. How will your study spot contribute to your success on MCAT Test Day?

I’ll start with #3 first as it’s the most important. Research has shown that your environment can actually have a large impact on your ability to …

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Treat the MCAT like you would treat a patient!

Doctor_consults_with_patient_(7)Hello, my enterprising future doctors/current MCAT studiers. Today I want to recommend a course of action for MCAT studying that you will repeat thousands of times as a physician when you are in the clinic or the hospital. Bonus! You don’t even need to attend medical school to perform these actions- diagnose, treat, and reassess.

1. Diagnose- One of the main duties you will have as a physician will be to listen, evaluate your patients’ symptoms and develop a diagnosis. When studying for the MCAT you can use quizzes, tests and flashcards to help diagnose your …

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Study Hard. Study Smart.

As a pre-med student, you know that a top MCAT score will increase your chances of med school admission. There is no question that in order to achieve a top MCAT score, you’ll need to study. Pre-meds are notorious for studying hard – spending countless hours the library and pulling all-nighters as they cram for organic chemistry exams. But simply putting in hours upon hours of studying isn’t enough to ensure the MCAT score you want. You need to study hard, but more importantly, you need to study smart.

Start by making a study schedule. Aim …

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