June 21, 2013

My 1st Day Of Med School Is Almost Here! (Did I Make A Mistake?)

Hello my aspiring doctors! It's a big day in my world. I just looked at a calendar and realized that I will be starting medical school in less than two months. More precisely, my first day of orientation is in 53 days. I have 53 days until I start what I anticipate to be some of the most intense, challenging and hopefully fun years of my life.
Given that I have known that I wanted to be a doctor since I was five years old -back-up plan was to be a waitress or ballerina- in theory, I should be 100% prepared to actually begin medical school. However, I find myself worrying about the future. What if they let me into medical school on accident? I spent 6+ years  (three admissions cycles) applying to medical schools and telling AMCAS and admissions committees that I'm smart enough and capable enough to become a doctor. Now, I find that I wonder if I just finally fooled medical schools into believing me.
Now, you may wonder why I am blogging about this today. I wanted to share my doubts and uncertainties with you all because I know that they are doubts and uncertainties that you may face some day. As pre-med students, you focus on the goal of getting into medical school. You tell everyone that you're going to medical school and you're going to become a doctor. No one ever tells you what you should do once you get in or how you should approach actually going to school.
Sidenote- I seem to be in this glorious middle-ground where I can tell everyone that I have been accepted to medical school and they are instantly impressed, but I haven't actually done any work yet. I like to tell people that medical school is great so far!
That said, as I continue to blog, I hope to chat with all of you about what going to medical school is actually like. From the MCAT, to admissions, to first year and beyond, I want you to feel free to ask me questions! So, in you are curious about something, leave your questions in the comments section. What do you want to know about life 53 days before medical school orientation?
Happy studying!
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