August 13, 2014

MD or DO: Insight from an Osteopathic Medical Student

A Doctor of Medicine and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine will both lead to the good life – but what are the differences between the two? If you had asked me at the beginning of college whether or not a DO could prescribe medication, I would have given the same answer as one-third of Americans – I don’t know. Of course, after several years of experience shadowing DOs and as a student of osteopathy, I now know both degrees receive the same level of training, specialize in the same fields, and overall, have the same medical careers and salaries available.  … more
March 8, 2011

Beyond the MD: An MCAT Instructor’s Guide to the Health Professions (Part I)

By Lauren Poindexter, Kaplan Elite MCAT Teacher

Congratulations—you’ve decided you want to be a doctor! But have you considered the diverse and extensive health professions open to you? There are an array of rewarding careers in medicine that aren’t appended with the letters MD, and the professionals in most of these fields are still “doctors.”

These careers are every bit as a good as an MD for satisfying your altruistic tendencies. Check out our list, and you may just discover a new path to unlocking your “good life” as a health professional.

In alphabetical order:

DC – Doctor … more
Applying to Med School
July 15, 2010

Haven’t submitted your primary application yet? – Now is the time.

By Carleen Eaton, M.D.

Like many applicants, you may have started out with June 1 as the target date for submitting your primary application. However, school, work, studying for the MCAT and life in general intervened and your primary application is still a work in progress. An early application is important for rolling admissions, but if you submit your primary application soon, you are still in good shape in terms of timing. Therefore, set yourself a firm deadline of August 1 to hit “submit” and figure out what you need to do between now and then to achieve that goal.… more
Applying to Med School
February 1, 2010

Applying to D.O. Schools

By Carleen Eaton, M.D.

(Updated August 2014)

Traditionally, each set of schools have had their own application process and residencies, the accrediting agencies have recently agreed to a single system for residencies and fellowships.  By 2020, both systems will be aligned with those of the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education, the nonprofit that accredits M.D. programs. This means that cross-application will not only be possible, but easier for MDs and DOs.

A good first step is to visit the American Association of Osteopathic Colleges of Medicine (AACOM) site. The site contains the primary application as well as information … more

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