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MCAT Question of the Day Solution! Thermodynamics

Our question Thursday was from Thermodynamics in General Chemistry. The question presents you with the combustion reaction of methane and asks you to calculate the energy of a carbon-hydrogen bond.

MCAT Question of the Day Thermodynamics

To begin this problem, you must use Hess’s Law, which says that the heat of reaction is equal to the sum of the heats of formation of the products minus the sum of the heats of formation for the reactants.

Hess Law

The heat of reaction is -802 kJ/mol, and the heats of formation of CO2, H2O, and O2 are -393 kJ/mol, -242 kJ/mol, and 0 kJ/mol (the …

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Dr. Josh Question of the Week! – Electrostatics

Our question this week comes from electrostatics in Physics. While electrostatics is a commonly feared sub-topic in Physics, remember it is going to reward the student who is able to UNDERSTAND both the equation to use and the concept behind it!

MCAT Electrostatics Question

Let’s take a closer look at today’s correct answer…

right hand rule

The direction of the magnetic field is determined using the right hand rule: Remember to point your thumb in the direction of qv, your fingers point in the direction of the field, and the palm points in the direction of the force. In this question, since …

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