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How studying for the MCAT benefits you as a med student

EMILY HAUSE KAPLAN 02Hello my studious readers! I was sitting in a Cardio lecture this week when the lecturer flashed the equation on the screen, P1V1=P2V2. That equation looked very familiar and I had a flashback to when I memorized it for the first time when I was studying for the MCAT. That got me thinking about skills that I had honed and material I had committed to memory when I was studying for the MCAT that has come in handy in medical school. So, despair not MCAT studiers! Here are the parts of your MCAT studying that will

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REKAP – Key Takeaways from MCAT Gen Chem 1!


MCAT Rockstars!

MCAT Gen Chem 1 is in the books! We had a unique opportunity to review some Chemistry that we probably haven’t seen in quite a while!

Some of the big takeaways from Gen Chem 1!

  • Preview Work is absolutely essential! I constantly remind my students as we are moving through Unit 1 how important the preview work and going back to some of the basics can be.
  • Content is King. When was the last time you reviewed Quantum Numbers, Electron Configuration, and the Periodic Table? Those all seem like simple straight forward Gen Chem
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Don’t forget the 3C’s of the MCAT!

xb0nh0.jpgHello my critically thinking MCAT students! One of the very first things you learn in your first Strategy and Critical Thinking Session is that there are 3C’s that are important to keep in mind on your MCAT journey. They are Content, Critical Reasoning and Crisis Prevention. Now, most students keep these in mind for perhaps the first week or so while they study, and by week four of studying have completely forgotten that there should be a balance between all 3 C’s. Today, let’s focus on how to keep all 3C’s in mind throughout your

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Thinking About MCAT Science With Adam: E01 – Respiration

Come join us with MCAT Expert Adam Grey as he introduces how to relate MCAT Science to everyday life!

Like a lot of people in the world of med school admissions, I think about MCAT science a lot. Seeing the world through this lens is vital to becoming a successful medical student and physician, and it helps to maximize your MCAT score as well.
That’s why I’m pleased to announce the first episode of “Thinking About MCAT Science,” an web series about seeing echoes of the MCAT in our everyday lives.  Each video will be …
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Summer Sun and Study Fun, The MCAT Way!

395px-Man_sitting_under_beach_umbrellaHello my diligent MCAT students. Here we are in the glorious month of June and you’re probably thinking to yourself that signing up to take an MCAT class during the warm, sunny months seemed like a great idea in January. Now you may be rethinking that decision since you are sitting inside missing out on some wonderful vitamin D production while all of your friends play sand volleyball and do other fun summer activities.

Today I’m going to argue that yes, you have to spend a lot of time inside studying for the MCAT and taking

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MCAT’s Summer Intensive Program

mcat-sip-scheduleI have embarked on a fun new journey! I’m an instructor at the Boulder MCAT  Summer Intensive Program, commonly known as MCAT SIP.  I have gotten to spend this week with some of the brightest minds in MCAT brainstorming awesome ways to teach MCAT and I’m super excited to start teaching next week.

If you have been considering an MCAT SIP program, there is still time to sign up for the San Diego SIP which starts June 29th. If you’re planning on taking the MCAT next year, I would strongly suggest thinking about SIP

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Something Is Better Than Nothing

Frustrated_man_at_a_desk_(cropped)It’s one of those days. I am exhausted. My body hurts because I’m so tired. My brain is full. I can’t concentrate and my to-do list is decidedly too long to even contemplate.

With the full schedule of a pre-med student (taking classes, volunteering, studying for the MCAT , working, shadowing and applying to medical school), I have a lot of experience “powering through” and “playing through the pain.” I have made it through the toughness of finals week with mono and the absurdity of finishing a half marathon on a broken foot.  But, there are …

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MCAT Madness

320px-Carolina-Duke_basketball_2006_1March Madness has past and dare I say brackets are busted everywhere! As a college basketball fan this is the most exciting time of year for the sport.  With all the fun on TV, remember there is still an MCAT to study for!  The March Madness tournament with all its hoopla and competition really has some key lessons that students can pull away.

  • Preparation is Key – Think about the players taking those free throws. They practice over and over and over for that. A free throw is just that “free”. The MCAT has “free” easy
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Spring Break 2013! Strategies For Your MCAT Studies While Traveling

320px-Myrtle_Beach,_SC_Spring_Break_2007_33Spring Break: that time of year again when we pasty northern folks get a week free from classes and flock to warm locations like Florida, Mexico and California, all in the hopes of warming up and making it through the last few weeks of winter. Even if you’re not traveling from the frozen tundra, you can still enjoy a week of fun and sun away from, at least, the lecture hall. For those of you who are studying for spring MCAT dates, this week may seem like a perfect time to get away from your …

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Inspiration for the weary MCAT studier- A helpful analogy

So, when you begin to prep for the MCATMCAT Blog, it’s very exciting. You have tons of resources! You make an ambitious study schedule! You are excited to tackle the content, master the strategies and conquer the MCAT!

Fast forward to approximately three to six weeks later. You’re exhausted. You’re overwhelmed. You start fantasizing about life post-MCAT and all you can think about is how great it would be to have a regular sleeping/showering schedule. In case you need them, here are some very useful resources about how to structure your study time and how …

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