April 9, 2014

Get In To Your Top Choice Medical School: The Pulse Medical School Insider is This Monday

What does it take to get in to your top choice Medical School?  We'll explore that and more in an extended live online episode of The Pulse. Join us for 1:1 interviews with notables including Paul T. White, Assistant Dean of Admissions at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and Dr. Nida Degesys, previous AMSA National President.  At our in-depth panel session we'll take your questions and answer them live on air!

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Applying to Med School
September 17, 2013

Prepare for Your Med School Interview

A review of Kaplan’s The Pulse, experts join us as they discuss what you need to know about the Med School Interview and what things you can do to be prepared! In this video, Alicia Carlson-Bryant, explains what is the best way to prepare for an interview! For more great videos, check Kaplan’s MCAT YouTube Channel! ...read more
Applying to Med School
August 28, 2013

What Is An Interprofessional Medical Program?

On this month's edition of Kaplan's The Pulse, experts join us as the discuss what you need to know about how Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act will affect future doctors and medical professionals. This is a massive change you need to know about. What is the difference between an interdisciplinary and interprofessional medical program? In this video, experts explain the differences and the benefits of interprofessional medical education. For more great videos, check Kaplan's MCAT YouTube Channel. [cf]skyword_tracking_tag[/cf] ...read more
Tests & Scores
August 21, 2013

Psychology & Sociology On The New MCAT

Get the advantage from Kaplan's 2013 Medical School Insider as we discuss why the AAMC has decided to add both psychology and sociology to the new MCAT in 2015. Listen in as expert panelists share firsthand experiences of what this change on the new MCAT means to them as resident doctors as well as to you as a future medical student. For more great videos, check Kaplan's MCAT YouTube Channel. [cf]skyword_tracking_tag[/cf] ...read more
Your Future
July 12, 2013

Ch-ch-ch-changes to Healthcare- What You Need to Know?

Hello all of my doctors-to-be! I hope that you're having a great July and studying hard for those upcoming August and September MCAT test dates. I want to take a step away from my usual focus on the MCAT and instead today focus instead on the larger world that you all, as aspiring physicians, are about to enter.
Recently there has been a lot of noise about healthcare reform and maybe you've heard of a little something called the Affordable Care Act. You may also be thinking, especially recently since it's been in the news, about how on earth you're going to be able to pay off your student loans. My encounters with both of these subjects are going to be in a later, more developed blog post i.e. how on earth does one really afford med school? But today, I want to refer you to these videos. I found them very helpful for both explaining some upcoming changes in healthcare and explaining what the future looks like for me. They were especially interesting to me since I plan on eventually becoming a primary care physician. Check them out and let me know what you think!
Also, earlier this week I mentioned that you should use all of the available resources that you have and I want to highlight one that I'm particularly fond of. There is an upcoming pulse event that focuses on the interview process and I highly recommend that if you are applying this cycle, you go ahead and check it out. You may feel overwhelmed right now by MCAT studying or secondary applications, but it's rewarding to stay a step ahead. For you, that means thinking about how you're going to prepare for your inevitable medical school interviews. Go ahead and sign up here!
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July 10, 2013

Treat the MCAT like you would treat a patient!

Hello, my enterprising future doctors/current MCAT studiers. Today I want to recommend a course of action for MCAT studying that you will repeat thousands of times as a physician when you are in the clinic or the hospital. Bonus! You don't even need to attend medical school to perform these actions- diagnose, treat, and reassess. 1. Diagnose- One of the main duties you will have as a physician will be to listen, evaluate your patients' symptoms and develop a diagnosis. When studying for the MCAT you can use quizzes, tests and flashcards to help diagnose your weak and strong areas of study. Don't make the major mistake that most students fall prey to! Don't assume that you know the material just because you stared at the page in the book for twenty minutes. Use quizzing yourself as a way to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses
However, diagnosing is not simply for determining which content you need to work on. It's also important to diagnose why you are incorrectly answering questions. Are you misreading the question? Did you have a calculation error? Did you run out of time? Did you get distracted by a tempting wrong answer choice? Figuring out where you are going wrong is the key to the next important step. . .
2. Treat- Once you know your weak areas, you need to develop a treatment plan that addresses your personal testing issues. Much like in medicine, you want to come up with a prescription or treatment plan that is specialized to meet your MCAT needs. Some potential treatment plans- If you're misreading the question, practice reading questions more carefully and re-phrasing them to ensure clarity. If you have a calculation error, make sure to do questions that are calculation heavy or refresh your math skills with some math drills. If you're running out of time, work on timed drills for passages and questions. If you are distracted by tempting wrong answer choices, practice answering the questions without using the available answer choices to ensure a strong prediction.
Be creative and think outside the box with your treatment options. The more fun and challenging the treatment, the more successfully you will address your MCAT weak spots! One of the best resources you have available is right here! Use fun events like Kaplan's The Pulse where we talk to Med School and MCAT experts to help guide you through the test-taking and admissions process. As well, seek extra videos and articles to reinforce your content and strategy knowledge. Also, don't be afraid to drop questions in the comments if you're struggling. I would love to help you treat your MCAT ailments!
Once you have diagnosed and treated your patterns for picking wrong answer choices, you get to the most rewarding step. Reassess- Physicians love to schedule follow-up appointments to check on their patients' recoveries. As an MCAT student, you will need to check up on your wrong answer patterns to make sure that you're not falling into the same traps on future passages and questions. Take the time to re-quiz yourself to make sure that your treatment was effective. It's super exciting to see the progress you can make after targeted treatment drills! After reassessing, you can decide whether to re-treat or move on to a working on a different issue.
So, there you have it! You can emulate the daily life of practicing physician long before you have your M.D. while gaining valuable MCAT practice and boosting your score for Test Day!
Happy studying! ...read more
Your Future
July 2, 2013

What Pre-Med Students Must Know About Changing Careers In Medicine

For today's post we feature a discussion from last month's Kaplan's The Pulse, where experts join in the discuss of what you need to know about  Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act and how it will affect future doctors and medical professionals. This is a video not to miss. Most importantly, we'll cover exactly what classes experts suggest you take to be successful in the medical field. As well, learn which college classes will give you the edge when managing patients.. Find Out More Insider News On The Future Of Medicine, Getting Into Medical School and the MCAT. ...read more

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