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MCAT Verbal Reasoning Tips: What to Focus On in Passages

I recently received an email from one of my Kaplan MCAT students:

“Hey Alex, I have been doing practice exams and I am still a little confused on the most effective way on how to go about handling the Verbal Reasoning section. I have found out that it is near impossible for me to fully read the passage and answer the questions for each passage and have time for all the passages. Is there a more effective way to read each passage and understand them so that I have time to read each passage and …

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MCAT Study Skills: You are what you eat

by Lauren Poindexter, Kaplan Elite MCAT Instructor

The Fall semester is underway: midterms loom, finals are on the horizon, and somewhere in this mix lays the start of your MCAT studying. With the high demand on our brain and our bodies to be attentive, healthy, and sharp problem solvers, comes an important question: are we giving ourselves the best chance for optimal functioning?

Pre-meds are notoriously a competitive species. We always want to do it better than the student next to us: earn the higher grade, produce a more thorough research paper, show-off a longer list …

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