March 19, 2015

How to Stay Focused on MCAT Prep Over Spring Break

It’s Spring Break! School’s out, the weather’s great … and all your friends are planning their week-long vacations. While they’re hitting the beach, you’ll be hitting the books with your MCAT prep.

Sure, it can be hard to stay focused while everyone around you is relaxing, but you’ve got a date with your medical destiny in just a few months, so why not make the best of it? Think of Spring Break as free time to get ahead. While your buddies are working on their tans, you’ll be working on your medical future—and that’s something you can feel good … more
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October 24, 2014

Kaplan MCAT Fast Facts: Rotational Motion

The MCAT tests critical thinking, not science recall, but mastery of certain science concepts is a prerequisite for the test. In this Fast Facts video from the Kaplan MCAT course, Dr. Jeff Koetje discusses rotational motion and torque as tested on the MCAT. You can watch more Fast Facts and other great, helpful videos at MCAT’s Youtube Page.

At Kaplan, we’re dedicated to making sure our students are prepared in every aspect for their upcoming tests. Check out Kaplan’s MCAT homepage to learn more. Or, better yet, take an MCAT free practice test to measure your skills and know … more
October 24, 2014

Tips for a Successful MCAT Test Day- Part 2 Planning for the Best

A few days ago, I wrote on Preparing for the Worst on Test Day. The flipside to preparing for the worst is planning for success. This is the significantly more fun aspect of MCAT planning. As an incentive to work hard and dedicate countless hours of your life (actually 300 or so) to MCAT studying, you should plan for success and thus a celebration post-MCAT.

One of the main reasons that you should have something fun planned is so that if you have a rogue moment during your test when you are stressed out and questioning your … more
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October 24, 2014

MCAT Re-booted: Exercise

Preventative medicine is becoming a more common topic in healthcare today.  As future physicians it is important to understand the rising healthcare costs and how it is impacting our medical economy.  Simple daily changes by individuals can help curb these costs and improve overall health among our communities   Regardless if you consider yourself a ‘health nut’ or not, it is important for you to understand that as a future doctor people will look to you for advice on health as soon as you begin your medical school journey.  Start becoming an advocate now!

Straight from the Mayo Clinic, what … more
April 13, 2015

A Tale of Two MCATs: Which MCAT Should I Take?

With the major MCAT revision coming up in 2015, many students are starting to ask:  which MCAT should I take?  Is there an advantage to one test versus the other?

The short answer is:  it’s possible to do either and score extremely well, but you’ll have to plan starting today.


What’s changing in the 2015 MCAT?

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Keeping Up with more
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October 24, 2014

How To Avoid MCAT Prep Burnout

Face it, MCAT prep is tiresome!  The daily grind of studying and the pressure to do well can make you do some crazy things, and can also cause you to potentially over-study and exhaust yourself before Test Day.  Ideally, you want to walk into the testing center feeling excited, alert, and at the peak of your performance.  Burnout is a serious issue when studying for the MCAT because you don’t want to head into your test feeling absolutely sick and tired of the MCAT – you won’t feel as sharp or motivated.  We’re going to discuss 3 quick tips to … more
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October 24, 2014

How to build the Ideal MCAT Study Schedule, Part 3

In our last two articles, we’ve introduced several tips and schedules to help you find study time in your packed premed schedule. Now, in our final entry of the Ideal MCAT Study Schedule series we are going to discuss the best way to approach your study materials to get the most out of those precious study sessions.

Looking back on the sample schedules we discussed last time, you should note that we are trying to get in at least 20 hours of studying a week; at some point during those 20 hours, you should try to fit in at least:… more
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October 24, 2014

How to build the Ideal MCAT Study Schedule, Part 2

In my last post we discussed several tips for making the most of the limited study time that you have available as a premed. Now, in Part 2 of our series on the Ideal MCAT Study Schedule we’ll take a look at three different types of premeds and how each can properly utilize a day to get the most out of their studying.

One quick note before we get started: you will notice in reading these I really make a point of taking active breaks. It is important to only study for a max of around 2-3 hours, unless you … more

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