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Finding Your Perfect Spot for Studying

EMILY HAUSE KAPLAN 02Hello my diligent medical school hopefuls! Today I would like to talk about something that can make or break your studying success: how to find your perfect MCAT study spot.

A couple of things to consider:

1. Do you study better around people or by yourself?
2. Do you like noise or quiet while you study?
3. How will your study spot contribute to your success on MCAT Test Day?

I’ll start with #3 first as it’s the most important. Research has shown that your environment can actually have a large impact on your ability to …

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Study Habits Die Hard

MCAT-STUDYHello to all my industrious MCAT students! For those of you planning for a summer test date, MCAT studying is in full swing and you’re probably planning on spending a fair amount of your summer holed up in the library working on MCAT content and passages.

Chances are, you have a schedule made and your study methods planned. But, have you ever stopped to question whether your method for studying is actually effective? Most likely you happened upon your method (flashcards, highlighting, re-reading the chapter) while studying for a class and it was effective for learning

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