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Questions From a Future Physician: Is Effective Healthcare Limited by Cost?


Future Physician in Costa RicaHola estudiantes! Frequently in the U.S., I am faced with the question “what good is the best doctor, if the patients can’t afford to pay for their healthcare or their prescriptions?” In Costa Rica, within a few hours and using my broken Spanish, I was faced with the same question.

As a member of CU-UNITE, a track at my medical school, which focuses on working with medically under-served populations, I think it’s crucial to have the skills to communicate with a diverse group of patients. This past summer I spent a month in …

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Medical School Debt & Compensation Under Affordable Care Act

A review of Kaplan’s The Pulse, experts join us as they discuss what you need to know about how Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act will affect future doctors and medical professionals. This is a massive change you need to know about.

Attending a medical professional school is expensive! In this video, learn what programs exist to alleviate debt and how the changing model of care will affect medical school tuition. For more great videos, check Kaplan’s MCAT YouTube Channel!


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Healthcare for Pre-Meds: An Industry 411

A commonly discussed topic on the wards during the third and fourth years of medical school is the health care system. Since the legislation passing health care reform in 2009, physicians are constantly talking about the possible changes, and students who have a thoughtful, informed opinion usually wind up standing out as a result of these discussions. The fact that it has also become a common topic during admissions interviews adds to the importance of understanding the health care system as a whole well before you actually find yourself immersed in it.

The American healthcare system …

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Beyond the MD: An MCAT Instructor’s Guide to the Health Professions (Part I)

instructors-guide-health-professionsBy Lauren Poindexter, Kaplan Elite MCAT Teacher

Congratulations—you’ve decided you want to be a doctor! But have you considered the diverse and extensive health professions open to you? There are an array of rewarding careers in medicine that aren’t appended with the letters MD, and the professionals in most of these fields are still “doctors.”

These careers are every bit as a good as an MD for satisfying your altruistic tendencies. Check out our list, and you may just discover a new path to unlocking your “good life” as a health professional.

In alphabetical …

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The Med School Interview: Get ready…for anything!

By Carleen Eaton, M.D.

“We spent forty-five minutes talking about fly-fishing!” Sound like a med school interview?  When I hear from applicants that the interview digressed into a discussion of basketball, ballet or bird-watching, the next thing they usually say is: “I didn’t get to tell the interviewer about ___” (fill in the blank: my idea for a cure for AIDS,  my poster presentation on gastroenteritis in chinchillas…you get the idea).  Knowing your stuff is absolutely necessary, but don’t be surprised if the topics don’t stick to “typical” interview fare. If the interview is going …

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