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Application Essentials V: Non-Medical Extracurriculars and Experience

Happy New Year!MCAT Blog

It’s that time of year again — as we look into the future and make New Years resolutions, what are you planning to do with 2013?  We hope that taking that next step to becoming an excellent physician is part of that plan, whether it’s taking names on  the MCAT (with the new MCAT 2015 unscored trial section of Psychology, Sociology and Biochemistry questions!), nailing a 4.0 both semesters, or writing a killer personal statement for that AMCAS application opening in less than five months!

And then there are just fun resolutions:  I’m planning on playing the …

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Application Essentials IV: Medical Extracurriculars and Experience

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and if you’re applying this year — hopefully you’ll be rewarded by Santa by that “big envelope”:  you’ve been MCAT Blogaccepted to medical school!  I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed my eight nights of Chanukah:  a welcome break from the (extremely) busy life of a medical student.

Now, if you’re getting ready to apply, you may feel like you’re working eight nights a week!  The life of a pre-med student is no less busy this time of year, between finishing up all of the challenging courses you’re taking, setting a New Year’s resolution to destroy the

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Application Essentials I: The Holistic Review Process

Earlier this month, I had the great fortune of attending the 2012 AAMC Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA.  This meeting represents one of the largest gatherings of medical educators, premedical advisors, admissions officers, practicing physicians and students in the country, all with one common goal:  your education.  This is the group that writes the MCAT, runs the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) and creates informative resources like Careers in Medicine to help you plan your future medical career.

One of the “hot topics” in medical admissions these days is holistic review.  While a full detailing of this …

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