December 17, 2014

How to Highlight Extracurricular Activities on Your Medical School Application

I’ll always remember the first few months of my pre-med education at my undergraduate alma mater, years before I was even concerned with my medical school application. I did what most freshmen do: got involved. I joined the mailing lists of innumerable campus organizations; received countless invitations to club meetings, volunteer opportunities, board elections, and so on; and I attended more meetings than I can count, trying to figure out exactly what I was interested in and just how I wanted to get involved.

Flash forward to several years later. Now I have Kaplan MCAT students asking me more
November 25, 2014

Overcoming a Low MCAT Score

Through Kaplan’s exclusive, national partnership with the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), we will be providing a series of personal stories from AMSA leaders about their premedical experience and journey to medical school.

Isaiah Cochran: Waynesburg University


Being a premedical student is a unique experience. You have to be on your toes all of the time. In my previous Kaplan Blog Post I spoke on how being a well-rounded premedical student can help you to matriculate into medical school. Today I want to present to you a personal story about overcoming a low MCAT score that will shed … more
Pre-Med Life
October 24, 2014

MCAT Re-booted: Exercise

Preventative medicine is becoming a more common topic in healthcare today.  As future physicians it is important to understand the rising healthcare costs and how it is impacting our medical economy.  Simple daily changes by individuals can help curb these costs and improve overall health among our communities   Regardless if you consider yourself a ‘health nut’ or not, it is important for you to understand that as a future doctor people will look to you for advice on health as soon as you begin your medical school journey.  Start becoming an advocate now!

Straight from the Mayo Clinic, what … more
Applying to Med School
November 29, 2011

AMCAS Work/Activities Section

By Carleen Eaton, M.D.

After four years as a premedical student, you have racked up quite a list of academic awards, community service hours, club memberships and even a publication for which you proudly received seventeenth author credit. Then there are the various part time jobs you held during college and your participation in the intramural curling team, jujitsu training and trombone playing. The work/activities section of the AMCAS application is just the place for you to tout these endeavors and show the committee that your life is not comprised entirely of memorizing flashcards and regurgitating formulas (even if it … more
Applying to Med School
November 22, 2011

Extracurricular Activities – Which Ones? How Many?

By Carleen Eaton, M.D.

The life of a premedical student is a hectic one. At the same time that you are juggling a full load of science courses and squeezing in some passages to prep for the MCAT, you are trying to fit in research, clinical experiences, volunteer work and memberships to various clubs and organizations. But do you really have to be a twice published, Flemish-speaking, member of the Molecular Biology Club who also happens to play the harp and has volunteered in five hospitals, three homeless shelters and patented an invention or two on the side to be … more

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