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The joys of being FLEXible: A Guide to Flex Sessions

Flex Sessions MCATHello my flexible MCAT students! As you may have seen, there are ever more flex sessions being offered through your Kaplan syllabus. For those of you who may not have access to a Kaplan syllabus, flex sessions are online interactive sessions that you can access throughout your MCAT course.
There are some flex sessions which are required for completion of the course such as the MCAT strategy (MSCT) sessions and the organic chemistry sessions. There are also optional sessions designed to complement the class and give you extra exposure to difficult or high yield material.
So, …
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Don’t forget the 3C’s of the MCAT!

xb0nh0.jpgHello my critically thinking MCAT students! One of the very first things you learn in your first Strategy and Critical Thinking Session is that there are 3C’s that are important to keep in mind on your MCAT journey. They are Content, Critical Reasoning and Crisis Prevention. Now, most students keep these in mind for perhaps the first week or so while they study, and by week four of studying have completely forgotten that there should be a balance between all 3 C’s. Today, let’s focus on how to keep all 3C’s in mind throughout your MCAT

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