August 13, 2015

Diversity Issues: Fewer Black Men Applying to Medical School

From the stagnating number of Black, male pre-med students applying to medical school to a new program that could prepare doctors to help increase veterans hospital staffing—let’s see what’s happening in medical news. Please leave your comments below.

Diversity issues in medical school admissions

Black males are among the most underrepresented groups in medical schools nationwide. In fact, the number of Black males applying to medical school has dropped steadily every year since 1978… except last year, according to recently released research presented at the National Medical Association Convention and Scientific Assembly. The study, titled “Altering the Course: Black Males more
August 11, 2015

When to Take the MCAT for AMCAS 2016

It might seem silly to be thinking about the new year when it’s only August, but as a pre-med student you need to plan ahead and start thinking about when to take the MCAT. Time flies, and before you know it—the AMCAS 2016 application cycle will begin.

So, get a jump on 2016. Here’s a few good reasons to consider starting your MCAT prep this fall and continuing over winter break to boost your score in time for a January test date.

Why should you take the MCAT in January?

Spring of 2016 will be busy. To get your application more
August 7, 2015

Finding Job Satisfaction in Your Medical Career

We often hear about patient satisfaction in the news, and we all know it’s an integral measure of providing good healthcare. However, attention is also increasingly being paid to rating job satisfaction among doctors and the risk of feeling burnt out.

As future medical professionals, it’s important to start thinking about what your life will actually look like as a practicing physician. Here’s some key considerations for ensuring that the medical career you’ve chosen is right for you and that you’ll be satisfied with your job after graduating from medical school.

Weighing physician salary

Perhaps the most talked about component … more
August 6, 2015

Medical News: Cadaver Lessons, Medical School Admissions Tips

From pre-med lessons learned in mourning to the best strategy for timing your medical school admissions goals—let’s dig into the latest medical news. Please leave your comments below.

Post-mortem insights

The harsh reality of becoming a doctor is that you’ll inevitably see more than your fair share of dead bodies. In fact, you’ll be up and close and personal with them as part of your medical school experience. Many people selflessly donate their bodies to science so that doctors and future doctors like yourselves can learn from them and advance the field of medicine. The University of Oklahoma College of more
August 4, 2015

Explore Your Medical Career Options

As a medical school hopeful, you may already have a clear vision of exactly what kind of physician you want to become. Perhaps your mind is set on working for a family practice in a small rural clinic, or maybe you envision a high-profile career in an operating room.

Whether or not you know exactly where your life as a physician is headed, there are plenty of medical career options out there—some of which you might not even know about. So, keep reading to learn more about the unique and varied opportunities available to medical professionals.

Jobs for doctors abroad… more
August 3, 2015

New MCAT 2015 Course Features

With the latest MCAT changes, it’s been a big year for pre-med students. It’s also been a big year for us here at Kaplan—we’ve launched a revolutionized program for MCAT prep, engineered specifically for the AAMC’s MCAT 2015 blueprint and updated with the latest technology and learning science.

The work is by no means finished, however. At Kaplan, we constantly evaluate and update our courses to best prepare students for Test Day, and now that thousands of Kaplan MCAT students have taken the new exam and received their scores, we’ve received valuable feedback about the exam and our course. … more
July 30, 2015

Medical News: Healthcare System Woes, Doctors Without White Coats

Why are Chinese doctors getting injured on the job? What ails the German healthcare system? Which medical specialties are most in-demand? Let’s dig into this week’s top medical news stories to find the answers to those questions and more. And Please leave your comments below.

Occupational hazards for Chinese doctors

In hospitals, it’s usually the patients who are at risk—but doctors throughout China have apparently also been finding themselves in harm’s way. Earlier this year, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association found that 13% of 12,600 physicians surveyed reported that they were physically attacked during the past year. Although this seems … more
July 28, 2015

What Medical TV Shows Portray Wrong About The Life Of A Doctor

By Elana Goodwin on July 24, 2015

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There are a fair amount of medical TV shows that are either on the air today or were recently, and while some facets of hospital and doctor life may be similar to how we see them on TV, there are also a number of things medical shows portray wrong.

Viewers have long been fascinated by medical shows — from the cult favorite “Grey’s Anatomy” and its spinoff “Private … more
July 24, 2015

Medical News: Doctors and Nurses Who Never Get Sick

From medical school admissions tips on Twitter to why some doctors and nurses never call in sick—let’s dig into the latest headlines in the world of medical news and aspiring healthcare professionals. Please leave your comments below.


On July 14, @KaplanMCATPrep had the pleasure of participating in a Twitter chat organized by U.S. News & World Report about the medical school admissions process. We discussed everything from how long you should prepare for the MCAT, to how to decide between pursuing an MD or DO, to what qualities medical schools look for in prospective students, and everything in between. … more

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