June 16, 2015

Join Us Tomorrow for Inside the MCAT Classroom

Being successful on the MCAT requires mastering various key components by Test Day. You’ll need to know the exam content inside and out, sharpen your critical reasoning skills, build up your endurance, and take plenty of practice tests.

Lucky for you, Kaplan’s programs provide complete preparation for all facets of the MCAT. Luckier still, on June 17th we’re giving you an exclusive look inside the Kaplan MCAT classroom.

Live MCAT instruction

Our MCAT faculty teach the fundamental content and strategies for gaining the most points on Test Day. The classroom is where everything comes together and where your path …

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June 15, 2015

Three Physician Specialties You Should Know About

Many students are aware that there are different residencies available for physicians to train in after medical school—popular ones include surgery, radiology, dermatology, and anesthesiology. However, many aren’t aware of the vast number of physician specialties out there, or that training via fellowships is available after residency for those who want to specialize in a narrower field.

Here’s a quick glimpse at the lesser known side of physician specialties and what you’ll need to do to join them.

Flight Surgeon

The phrase “flight surgeon” may conjure up the idea of a mid-air operation, perhaps a trauma bay in the belly …

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June 11, 2015

Medical News: Culinary Medicine, Dress Codes for Hospitals

From doctors practicing “defensive medicine” to medical schools dishing up delicious curricula—let’s dig into the latest headlines in the world of medical news and aspiring healthcare professionals. Please leave your comments below.

Defensive medicine, litigious patients

Physicians call it defensive medicine. It’s how many doctors try to avoid getting sued for malpractice. They order more tests, push for follow-up appointments, and resort to precautionary procedures. Is defensive medicine a good strategy? Research shows that these extra safety guards don’t necessarily reduce the risk of facing a lawsuit. What MIGHT help doctors reduce the risk of being sued, however, is having …

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June 9, 2015

Prep for Medical School: Get a Summer Job

Hello, summertime readers! So, you’re a freshman or sophomore and you’ve just finished your finals. You’re not doing research and—unlike many upperclassmen who are studying for the MCAT or filling out their AMCAS application—your summer schedule is looking pretty empty.

What can you do this summer that will help you in the long run as a prospective medical school applicant?

Add summer job experience to your application

In addition to earning a little extra spending money, there are other perks to working for a few months during your summer break from college. For pre-med students, a summer job can …

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June 4, 2015

In the News: New MCAT 2015 Feedback

Students who took the new MCAT talk and tweet, an NYC medical school vies for non-traditional applicants, and a deadly heat wave strikes India—let’s dig into the latest headlines in the world of medical news and aspiring healthcare professionals. Please leave your comments below.

Students who took the new MCAT sound off

Pay close attention all you aspiring doctors: Your future colleagues are offering a heads ups on the new MCAT. According to a recent survey conducted by Kaplan Test Prep of over 400 students who took the new MCAT in April, 31% said they experienced fatigue before the 8+ …

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June 2, 2015

Life After Medical School: A Career in Medicine

What happens after medical school? Once you receive your MD or DO, you throw your caps into the air, walk into the nearest hospital, and begin your well-deserved career in medicine, right?

Well, not so fast…it turns out finishing medical school is just one milestone (albeit a very important one) of your journey to becoming a physician.

Your career in medicine starts with “the match”

While those two words might not mean much to you now, they’ll always be in the back of your mind as a medical student, especially as you get closer to graduation. After …

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May 29, 2015

The MCAT Prep Balancing Act: Content vs. Strategy

MCAT prep is a vast undertaking. You can expect to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 to 350 total hours studying for this exam. The hard part of studying for the MCAT, however, is not the time dedication—it’s the balancing act of managing both your content knowledge and strategy so that you don’t overdo one at the expense of the other.

The MCAT does not reward you for knowing content. It doesn’t reward you for knowing techniques to reason out answer choices. Only if you can strategically apply that content knowledge to novel situations will you be …

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May 27, 2015

Medical News: Medical Schools Bring Doctors to Alabama

Doctors discuss how they break bad news, nurses dish on what really goes on at hospitals, and the price tag for studying osteopathic medicine hits $200K—let’s dig into the latest headlines in the world of medical schools and healthcare professionals. Please leave your comments below.


The downside to being a doctor

It’s never easy delivering bad news to anyone. It’s hard enough having to cancel a date, for instance. Sometimes the bad news doctors have to deliver is so much worse. Life and death can hang in the balance. So, how do doctors do it? There’s a few ways …

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May 26, 2015

How to Pay for Medical School

While many pre-med students are focused on the question of how to get in, one important issue that’s often overlooked is how to pay for medical school. Institutional grants tend to be rare and there are far fewer scholarships available to cover the cost of medical school than are available at the undergraduate level.

Not to fear—we have some tips for funding your path to a career in medicine. Read on to get an overview of what resources are available to you when considering how to pay for medical school.


Student loans

Given the cost of medical school attendance …

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