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Johns Hopkins School of Medicine: Making the Most of Your M.D.

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland is one of the most well-known graduate institutions in the United States. Founded by a philanthropist of the same name, it has been featured as the alma mater for leading characters on popular television programs such as House, Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy. But network TV is one thing—what’s the school really like for prospective grads?

Vital Stats

  • The medical school has approximately 500 students enrolled in either Ph.D, M.D., or M.P.H. programs, which take on average 8 years to complete.
  • Johns Hopkins is known for its
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University of Tennessee Medical: The Traditional Choice in Medicine

University of Tennessee Medical College is the oldest public graduate school in the nation. The school has two locations in Chattanooga and Memphis. The college aims to help students whose primary focus is surgery and internal medicine.File:Utmc heart hospital.jpg

  • University of Tennessee College of Medicine has 190 students enrolled in graduate programs.
  • The college has core clerkships for students interested in obstetrics, gynecology and surgery.
  • The cost for full-time students is $31, 432 for in-state transfers. For out-of-state prospective students, the costs are $62, 292.
  • The average GPA for accepted, enrolled students is 3.68 and the average MCAT
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Tightrope Time Part 2: Balancing Life in Medical School

Tightrope_(5893328472)Hello my crazy-busy pre-med readers! Last week I listed out the different categories that I use to prioritize my different activities and I promised that this week I would lay out exactly how succeed at balancing life in medical school. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to wedge all of your important activities into your busy schedule and find balance as a pre-med or medical student.

1. Lay out your musts. That means you need to start your schedule by laying out priorities. That means including things like class-time, volunteer commitments, important family or friend events

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Tightrope Time! Balancing Life in Medical School

389px-Adi_Holzer_Werksverzeichnis_850_LebenslaufEverybody always jokes about the crazy life of being a medical school student. As soon as you’ve been accepted, your friends tell you, “See you in four years!” Then, when begin orientation as a student, you get several lectures about maintaining a balanced life in medical school.

That said, no one ever really tells you HOW to achieve said magical medical school life balance. The thing that I have discovered so far is that balance definitely doesn’t happen accidentally. It’s also something that I struggle with every day.

The key to keeping my life balanced, especially

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White Coat Ceremony; Med School Just Got Real

MCAT-WhiteCoatHello future doctors! Last week I had the opportunity to participate in one of the fun traditions which marks the official beginning of medical school- getting my white coat and stethoscope. You may ask yourself why there is a ceremony for getting a white coat and indeed it seems like something that should mark the end of a medical school journey, not the beginning. So, why is the White Coat Ceremony traditionally performed at the beginning of medical school?

The answer, I believe, is multifaceted and was given many times during the speeches throughout orientation and

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How Does An Accountable Care Organization Work?

At Kaplan’s The Pulse, experts join us to discuss what you need to know about how Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act will affect future doctors and medical professionals. This is a massive change you need to know about.

In this video, Jennifer Athay-Adams, Pharm D explains how accountable care organizations have the potential to revolutionize medicine by changing the pay structure for physicians.…

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What to Pack for Med School

MCAT-Kaplan-packingHey my stellar students! It’s quickly turning into August and I’m sure that all of you feel the same horror that I do when I watch TV and realize that they are already playing “Back to School” ads. Why horror? Well, mostly because summer doesn’t ever really feel long enough and those ads seem to start earlier every year, but partly because the next time that summer rolls around I will be done with my first year of medical school and that’s an intimidating thought!You might ask why I am watching TV in the summer in

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University of Minnesota Medical: A Research Powerhouse

University of Minnesota Medical School thrives to be a frontrunner in research as well as medicine. Located in Duluth and Twin Cities, the school’s research facilities drive its advanced medical studies for students who want to be involved with the evolution of new medicine.

  • University of Minnesota Medical School is home to 2,240 students and 3,871 faculty members.
  • The medical school is known for its research in stem-cell biology, brain sciences, infectious disease, and diabetes.
  • The costs to attend are $37,128 for full-time in-state students and $48,789 for full-time out-of-state students.
  • The middle 50% of applicants
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Another Kind of Med School Review: Indiana University School of Medicine–Indianapolis

Indiana University Hospital - IUPUI - DSC00508Indiana University is a huge school, so it makes sense that the Indiana University School of Medicine would be huge as well. It has nine campuses spanning across all of Indiana and the second largest medical student body in the U.S. In this med school review, we’ll focus on the Indiana University School of Medicine campus in Indianapolis, the largest of all the med school campuses.

A Few Fun Facts

  • There are 873 students across all programs at the Indianapolis campus.
  • The school has a strong primary care program — 39.3% of graduates from 2010-2012 entered
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Baylor College of Medicine: Pride and Joy of Texas

Baylor College of Medicine didn’t always call Houston its home. In fact, Dallas was the home of the renowned institute for more than 40 years. Seeing it for the first time doesn’t betray what one finds on the other side of the doors. It’s majestic, though modern, and friendly, yet focused. The leadership that defines Baylor is world class. It’s also the only private medical school in the Southwest.

The Numbers that Define Baylor

  • Currently, there are 582 grad students enrolled at Baylor with another 977 pursuing their postdoctoral fellowships. More than half of the school’s
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