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April 10, 2014

Meet Our Guests for Kaplan’s The Pulse This Monday

So you chose a few medical schools, and you have your top choice. But how do you make sure that you're accepted into the school of your choice? Well, it' not easy. That's why Kaplan has announced our two hour special programing of The Pulse that will feature a panel discussion and answers from questions that come directly from you. These two hours can help you learn exactly what you need to make it into the medical school of your dreams. But don't trust us, take a look at the great list of guests that will be featured:

 Dr. Nida Degesys

Dr. Nida Degesys is a recent graduate from the Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED). Previously, she graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio University and completed post-baccalaureate work in pre-medical studies at Cleveland State University. She served as an economic development and health volunteer in the U.S. Peace Corps in Panama helping a women’s cooperative gain sustainability and teaching children oral hygiene and nutrition. Prior to her previous position as AMSA National Secretary, Dr. Degesys was AMSA’s Chair of the Medical Education Action Committee and coordinated AMSA Academy’s Teaching Tomorrow’s Teachers Today, a medical education leadership institute in Washington, D.C. In 2009-2010 she was Education Coordinator for the committee on the culture of medicine. She was also the 2009 AMSA medical education research winner with her research on team based learning in the basic sciences and has presented her research on topics ranging from patient safety, students’ attitudes towards disabilities, dental equipment, to educational pedagogy both nationally and internationally. Dr. Degesys is also very active on her campus. She was appointed by the Governor of Ohio to serve as a Trustee on the NEOMED Board of Trustees, she was the president of the Palliative Care Interest Group and Vice-President of the Geriatric Interest Group at NEOUCOM. Between her M1 and M2 year she completed an eight-week research program in geriatric oncology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Degesys enjoys spending time with her husband, David (a law professor), her 2 pugs, reading, traveling, and practicing yoga and Zumba.

Paul T. White

Paul White has been affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University since 1994, first as Director of Undergraduate Admissions and then as the Assistant Dean for Admissions at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Mr. White also served as director of the Financial Aid Office from February 2002 until June 2006. From 2006 to February 2012, Mr. White worked at the University of Minnesota Medical School as the Associate Dean for Admissions, before returning to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 2012. Mr. White’s professional career began at Yale University in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, where he was an Assistant Director of Admissions. He later served as an Associate Dean of Admissions at Hamilton College and as the Senior Associate Dean of Admissions at Colgate University. Mr. White received the Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from Yale University and the Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University Law Center. He serves as a member of the Educational Testing Services Scholarship Selection Review Committee and is a former member of the scholarship committees for the National Merit Scholarship and the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

Dr. Jeffrey Koetje

Dr. Jeffrey Koetje, graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, has devoted his professional life to supporting and enriching the personal and professional development of students entering the health professions. After deciding not to pursue clinical medicine, Jeff continued his journey in a new direction with a focus on education. Prior to joining the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) in June, 2012, he spent 11 years with Kaplan Test Prep, working with pre-health students in various roles: from full-time teacher to director of Kaplan’s MCAT Summer Intensive Program. Starting in 2008, he served as the Assistant Director of Pre- Health Programs at Kaplan's headquarters in New York City. In his national role, Jeff worked closely with pre-health advisors, with medical school deans and directors, and with representatives from the national organizations representing schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and optometry. Jeff now serves premedical and medical students as the Education and Research Director for AMSA. In his role, he provides day-to-day oversight, leadership, and expertise in the ongoing development, planning, execution, monitoring, and evaluation of educational programs, research activities and projects for AMSA and the AMSA Foundation. He is responsible for evaluating and improving all aspects of programming, fostering innovation and efficiency in all educational endeavors to meet the diverse needs of physicians-in-training. He loves working with pre-med and medical students, in whose faces he sees reflected the same hopes, dreams, anxieties, and neuroticisms that he himself possessed as a doctor-to-be. In his spare time, Jeff is an avid cook. He also enjoys collecting – and wearing – vintage and custom-made bow ties.   With three great guests and the always wonderful moderator, Owen Farcy, you'll be sure to receive the answers you're looking for. Join us this coming Monday for Kaplan's The Pulse and find the path to the medical school of your choice. more
April 9, 2014

Get In To Your Top Choice Medical School: The Pulse Medical School Insider is This Monday

What does it take to get in to your top choice Medical School?  We'll explore that and more in an extended live online episode of The Pulse. Join us for 1:1 interviews with notables including Paul T. White, Assistant Dean of Admissions at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and Dr. Nida Degesys, previous AMSA National President.  At our in-depth panel session we'll take your questions and answer them live on air!

Register to watch today! more
December 24, 2013

With 1/8th of a Medical Degree Finished, My Favorite Things about Medical School

Hello my holiday readers! I just finished up my first semester of medical school and am officially 1/8 of the way to being a doctor. Since starting school in August, I've learned a lot, and most importantly I've gotten into my medical school groove. Classes aside, I've had some time outside class to explore the new city where I live, make some new friends and most importantly, get involved.
I've mentioned in previous blog posts that one of my favorite things about medical school is that people don't join activities just for the sake of joining them. At this point in our careers, we're allowed to pursue our interests without using them to simply beef up our applications. Today, I want to talk about some of the activities you can join in medical school.
1. Medical School Student Council- if you're passionate about student government and improving the medical school, this is the activity for you. Most schools have elections for student government near the beginning of the school year.
2. Research- there are many research opportunities either as a bench scientist or in a public health realm. Fortunately, there are many researchers who are looking for competent medical students to help them out! The summer after your first year of medical school is a great time to work on a research project.
3. Admissions- I'm actually part of the admissions team at my school and serve as a prospective student representative. That means I lead tours, answer questions and get to interact with prospective students each week. I like it a lot because it gives me an opportunity to talk with students about why I love my school.
4. Student groups- There are approximately a million student interest groups that you can join or help run. At medical schools, you'll usually find a student interest group for each specialty that will host events, bring in guest lecturers and answer questions about potential career paths. If an interest group for your specialty doesn't exist, you can definitely start one!
So, in summation, there is more to life in medical school than going to class and studying for tests!
Happy studying,
Emily more
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August 27, 2013

Kaplan MCAT Fast Facts 7: Argumentation

In today’s Kaplan MCAT Fast Facts video from the Kaplan MCAT course, Dr. Jeff Koetje discusses argumentation from Verbal Reasoning as tested on the MCAT. Note that the MCAT tests critical thinking, not just science recall, mastery of certain science concepts is a prerequisite for the test. For more great videos concerning Fast Facts, Current Events, and more, head over to our MCAT YouTube Channel. more
Your Future
July 11, 2013

Choosing The Right Medical Career In Light of Obamacare

  Last month's edition of Kaplan's The Pulse, experts joined to discuss what you need to know about how Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act and how it will affect future doctors and medical professionals. This is a massive change every student preparing for the medical field needs to know about. What should you not say in your pharmacy school interview? In this video, Jennifer Athay-Adams, Pharm D, answers that question and describes how Obamacare focuses on finding the right health career for every student more
Applying to Med School
July 9, 2013

What Is An Inter-professional Medical Program

  Part of last mont's edition of Kaplan's The Pulse, experts joined us to discuss what you need to know about how Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act will affect future doctors and medical professionals. This is a massive change you need to know about. What is the difference between an inter-professional and interdisciplinary medical program? In this video, experts explain the differences and the benefits of inter-professional medical education. For more great videos concerning Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, MCAT, and more, head over to our MCAT YouTube Channel. more
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July 8, 2013

Thinking About MCAT Science With Adam: E03 Biological Molecules

This episode takes us to the dinner table, where there's a lot more MCAT science than it first may seem.  Full disclosure: this one was hard to shoot, because I was pretty hungry! For more great lessons from Adam, and a whole lot more, jump over to our MCAT YouTube Channel. There's hours of footage from events, lessons, and more that can help you prepare for the MCAT and medical school. Enjoy! more
Your Future
July 2, 2013

What Pre-Med Students Must Know About Changing Careers In Medicine

For today's post we feature a discussion from last month's Kaplan's The Pulse, where experts join in the discuss of what you need to know about  Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act and how it will affect future doctors and medical professionals. This is a video not to miss. Most importantly, we'll cover exactly what classes experts suggest you take to be successful in the medical field. As well, learn which college classes will give you the edge when managing patients.. Find Out More Insider News On The Future Of Medicine, Getting Into Medical School and the MCAT. more
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July 1, 2013

Thinking About MCAT Science with Adam: E02 Combustion

Here's Episode 2 of the "Thinking About the MCAT" series!  We're going to take a trip to some General Chemistry this time, because I'm always thinking about it this time of year.  And based on the all these fireworks shows going on, I'm not the only one... For more information about the MCAT and how to prepare, visit Kaplan's MCAT Homepage. more
Applying to Med School
June 27, 2013

Meet An Advantage Plus Mentor: Tyler Fraser of University of Tennessee

Last week we shared with you information about Kaplan's new Advantage Plus course which featured words of advice from several of our mentors. This week say hello to Tyler Fraser of University of Tennessee, one of our many dedicated Advantage Plus Mentors. Feel like you need just an extra push to help you prepare for the MCAT? Is a long, boring textbook not doing it for you? Big surprise, right? That's why Kaplan created our Advantage Plus courses. With special help from mentors just like Tyler, study group meetings and one-on-one discussions put you on a path to a successful MCAT and a higher score than you've ever made. Questions? Send us a tweet @KaplanMCATprep where we help you find all the right answers. more
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