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From my experience as a normal college student as well as an editor for a university newspaper and a blogger, I have realized there are more students than there should be who don’t fully understand the range of possibilities taking a graduate exam can open up for them. I have heard from many students about how the time and effort these exams require are not worth rewards, but when I asked why they thought they weren’t worth the work students would respond with something along the lines of ‘it’s just another standardized test.’ That’s when I realized many students need help on a much more fundamental level, and I would focus my blogs on not just tips and tricks for taking the exams, but why the exams are worthwhile in order to get them into the test rooms.

I am currently a blogger for Spark Hire, an online video interviewing site, and am looking for another niche to write for. The Spark Hire blog currently focuses on job seekers and students fresh out of college which means that several of my posts have dealt with options for furthering education. But from a technical stand point, I was trained by Spark Hire to incorporate keyword rich SEO techniques into every blog in order to help boost traffic.

I am a recent graduate from Purdue University and have been taking my graduate tests over the past few months. I recently took and passed the GRE and am preparing to take the LSAT on February 9th. The reason why I am not just taking one or the other is because I like to keep my options open, and by writing for the Kaplan Test Prep blog I want to make sure that other students understand graduate tests are doorways to opportunities and not just stepping stones. By making sure I have these scores down I will have nothing keeping me from pursuing whatever field I want whenever I want.

During my time at Purdue I was also an editor for the daily newspaper and had a chance to work directly with Russell Schaffer, the senior communications manager for Kaplan Test Prep at the time, and he helped me write and research several articles on the changes that were being made to the GRE and the MCAT. While it isn't much, it is some experience that I have had writing with Kaplan Test Prep.

As a writer for the Kaplan Test Prep blog, I would bring all of the experience I have and use it to educate students and prospective test takers about not only how to prepare for the exams but why the exams are so important. The easiest way to fail at something is to not try, and I will try my best to keep as many students as I can from failing.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

October 24, 2014

Another Kind of Med School Review: Indiana University School of Medicine–Indianapolis

Indiana University is a huge school, so it makes sense that the Indiana University School of Medicine would be huge as well. It has nine campuses spanning across all of Indiana and the second largest medical student body in the U.S. In this med school review, we’ll focus on the Indiana University School of Medicine campus in Indianapolis, the largest of all the med school campuses.

A Few Fun Facts

  • There are 873 students across all programs at the Indianapolis campus.
  • The school has a strong primary care program — 39.3% of graduates from 2010-2012 entered primary care specialties.
  • Tuition more

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