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I've personally taken the GRE and MCAT tests. I'm currently studying for the PCAT, because I am not sure if I want to go into a biotech graduate program (GRE) or pharmacy school (PCAT). Medical school is too expensive, so I have decided not to apply to medical schools. I'm familiar with the tests, preparation, the practice exams, and the preliminary courses one should study before taking the tests.

October 24, 2014

Harvard Medical School: The Distinguished Ivy League

Centered in the intellectual hub of the United States, Harvard Medical school really needs no introduction for its standard in excellence. Boston, Massachusetts is host to several distinguished colleges, but none are quite as popular and coveted as Harvard.

  • · Harvard Medical School has 700 students enrolled, and over 12,000 faculty and staff members.
  • · A full-time, in-state student can expect to pay $49, 875 for one year at the medical school.
  • · One of the oldest schools in the United States, Harvard set the standard for education in the 1800s. Today, the offer a competitive program called Harvard-MIT that more
October 24, 2014

Columbia Medical School in the City of New York

Columbia Medical School awarded the United States’ first M.D. in 1770 in New York City. The Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons has since been considered one of the best in the nation.

Dissecting the Facts and Figures

  • The school enrolls 169 students in each M.D. Class, and about 775 PhD students in total.
  • Columbia Medical School is world-renowned for surgery and medical research.
  • Tuition is $49,504/year, plus living expenses. About 65% of each class receives some grant aid.
  • Salaries at graduation are generally above the average for doctors nation-wide, but vary by speciality. Expect at least $150,000.
  • Almost more
October 24, 2014

University of Minnesota Medical: A Research Powerhouse

University of Minnesota Medical School thrives to be a frontrunner in research as well as medicine. Located in Duluth and Twin Cities, the school’s research facilities drive its advanced medical studies for students who want to be involved with the evolution of new medicine.

  • University of Minnesota Medical School is home to 2,240 students and 3,871 faculty members.
  • The medical school is known for its research in stem-cell biology, brain sciences, infectious disease, and diabetes.
  • The costs to attend are $37,128 for full-time in-state students and $48,789 for full-time out-of-state students.
  • The middle 50% of applicants invited to interview have more

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