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Emily has been a teacher for Kaplan for over six years; she's taught MCAT, ACT, SAT, SAT2 and tutored pretty much every subject under the sun in both the classroom and live online (aka Classroom Anywhere) settings. She's also worked for Kaplan in content development and teacher mentorship roles. Emily is currently a second-year medical student at the University of Colorado and is hoping to go into Pediatrics. She's involved in many campus opportunities such as being a Prospective Student Representative, admissions committee member, CU-UNITE member, and co-president of the Education and Teaching Interest Group. Prior to medical school, Emily got a BA in Biochemistry and Spanish from Lawrence University and a Masters in Public Health- Epidemiology from the University of Minnesota. In her free time, Emily enjoys dancing, baking, playing tennis and exploring her new Colorado home.

July 1, 2015

Your Medical Career: Past, Present, and Future

It’s the first day of July, which traditionally means that new interns, residents, and fellows at teaching hospitals will be getting ready for their first day on the job.

Interns especially always tend to feel a bit overwhelmed around this time. Going from medical school, a safe and nurturing learning environment, to working as an official MD and being solely responsible for your patients is a big transition. It can be a terrifying first step into your medical career, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to gain perspective on the path you’ve chosen.

Medical career reflections

In two short years, … more
June 26, 2015

Where Does Your Medical School Application Go?

It’s the time of year when the AMCAS cycle opens and thousands of aspiring doctors submit their applications in hopes of being one of the lucky few to matriculate into medical school. You may be wondering, “Where does that medical school application actually go after it’s submitted?”

Today, we’re going to talk a bit about the overall review process used by the admissions committee and shed some light on the mystery of your medical school application, post-submission.

The primary review process

Once you turn in your medical school application, it goes through a preliminary review process. Some schools … more
June 25, 2015

How to Research Your Medical School Options: Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we explored the resources you have available when trying to decide which medical schools you should apply to. We know, however, that the medical school admissions process can feel daunting—even with the right resources.

So today we’re going to help you narrow your search even further by focusing on how to research specific interests.

Primary care emphasis

If working with patients in an outpatient setting really floats your boat, then maybe primary care is right for you. Primary care physicians serve as the gatekeepers to specialty care and help patients in substantial ways every … more
June 23, 2015

How to Research Your Medical School Options: Part 1

So, you want to apply to medical school, but there are more than 100 to choose from—not to mention the fact you’re competing with thousands of other qualified applicants, each of them likewise trying to find the perfect program. How do you know which ones are worth your time?

Figuring out how to research medical school options and deciding which programs are a good fit can feel overwhelming, especially for a first-time applicant. Let’s talk today about what resources are available to guide you.

Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) website

The MSAR website is one of the most definitive places … more
June 29, 2015

What Is the Real Cost of Medical School?

Hello, future doctors! With the AMCAS application ahead of you, you’ve no doubt had nothing but medical school admissions on the brain… but have you given enough thought to what happens once you actually get into the medical school of your dreams?

You’ll invest a lot of money attending medical school for four years, from tuition and fees to textbooks—not to mention what you’ll have already spent on primary and secondary applications. The cost of medical school adds up quickly. So, just how much can you expect to pay?

Calculating the true cost of medical school

According to the AAMC, … more
June 9, 2015

Prep for Medical School: Get a Summer Job

Hello, summertime readers! So, you’re a freshman or sophomore and you’ve just finished your finals. You’re not doing research and—unlike many upperclassmen who are studying for the MCAT or filling out their AMCAS application—your summer schedule is looking pretty empty.

What can you do this summer that will help you in the long run as a prospective medical school applicant?

Add summer job experience to your application

In addition to earning a little extra spending money, there are other perks to working for a few months during your summer break from college. For pre-med students, a summer job can … more
May 14, 2015

Explore the Different Types of Pre-Med Research Experience

Hello my investigative readers! One of the biggest activities that you can add to improve your medical school application and increase your chances of medical school acceptance is pre-med research experience. Now, when I say research, most people think bench research, you know, the nitty gritty, lab coats and petri dishes kind of research. If that’s not your jam, there are actually a couple of different kinds of research, which can benefit your medical school application. Today let’s explore the different types of research experience.


Clinical Research

Clinical research is just like it sounds! Normally you’re working on … more
May 12, 2015

Primary vs. Secondary Medical School Applications

Hello my med school hopefuls! So, you’ve rocked the MCAT and you’re ready to take on the next challenge on your road to applying to medical school. Next up you’ve got to work on completing your primary and secondary applications. The focus for each application is slightly different and today I want to discuss how to make each application as strong as possible.


Primary Medical School Applications:

The personal statement on the primary application is your first chance to make a unique impression on your admissions committee. The rest of your application showcases your grades, extracurricular more
May 12, 2015

How Studying for the MCAT Prepares You for Medical School

When studying for the MCAT, there comes a time when you might feel the urge to rage about how unfair the exa, is. Taking the MCAT can’t possibly prepare me to be a better doctor! you might think. Then you take the test and you think, Whew! I’m glad I never have to do that again—especially, perhaps, now that the test has increased by a couple of hours.

Well, there’s good and bad news. The good news is, you’re right: once you’re done with the MCAT, you never have to take it again.

The bad news is that the … more
April 27, 2015

A Pre-Med Guide to Surviving the Homestretch

It’s officially Spring! The changing of the seasons heralds what can be the craziest time of year for any student who is simultaneously applying to medical school while taking the MCAT in April, May, or June. Our pre-med guide will help you navigate this time, while maintaining a healthy level of sanity.

Other times of the year, studying for the MCAT has the potential to be stressful, but in May that stress can reach an impressively high level. In the next month and a half most students will have hurdles such as finals, graduation, moving, asking professors for letters of more

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