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Emily has been a teacher for Kaplan for over six years; she's taught MCAT, ACT, SAT, SAT2 and tutored pretty much every subject under the sun in both the classroom and live online (aka Classroom Anywhere) settings. She's also worked for Kaplan in content development and teacher mentorship roles. Emily is currently a second-year medical student at the University of Colorado and is hoping to go into Pediatrics. She's involved in many campus opportunities such as being a Prospective Student Representative, admissions committee member, CU-UNITE member, and co-president of the Education and Teaching Interest Group. Prior to medical school, Emily got a BA in Biochemistry and Spanish from Lawrence University and a Masters in Public Health- Epidemiology from the University of Minnesota. In her free time, Emily enjoys dancing, baking, playing tennis and exploring her new Colorado home.

August 14, 2015

4 Reasons Why Teamwork Rules in Medicine

Gone are the days of a single physician flying solo to help a patient. Now, more than ever, you’ll see everybody in the hospital working together to improve healthcare delivery and results.

Hospital marketers call this an “integrated model of care,” but let’s cut through the marketing jargon. We know what it really is. It’s called teamwork.

Even the most competent physician needs to be able to work within a team structure. That’s because working side by side with nurses, medical assistants, front office staff, other physicians, and physical therapists is essential to the future of medicine.

This change is more
August 11, 2015

When to Take the MCAT for AMCAS 2016

It might seem silly to be thinking about the new year when it’s only August, but as a pre-med student you need to plan ahead and start thinking about when to take the MCAT. Time flies, and before you know it—the AMCAS 2016 application cycle will begin.

So, get a jump on 2016. Here’s a few good reasons to consider starting your MCAT prep this fall and continuing over winter break to boost your score in time for a January test date.

Why should you take the MCAT in January?

Spring of 2016 will be busy. To get your application more
August 7, 2015

Finding Job Satisfaction in Your Medical Career

We often hear about patient satisfaction in the news, and we all know it’s an integral measure of providing good healthcare. However, attention is also increasingly being paid to rating job satisfaction among doctors and the risk of feeling burnt out.

As future medical professionals, it’s important to start thinking about what your life will actually look like as a practicing physician. Here’s some key considerations for ensuring that the medical career you’ve chosen is right for you and that you’ll be satisfied with your job after graduating from medical school.

Weighing physician salary

Perhaps the most talked about component … more
August 4, 2015

Explore Your Medical Career Options

As a medical school hopeful, you may already have a clear vision of exactly what kind of physician you want to become. Perhaps your mind is set on working for a family practice in a small rural clinic, or maybe you envision a high-profile career in an operating room.

Whether or not you know exactly where your life as a physician is headed, there are plenty of medical career options out there—some of which you might not even know about. So, keep reading to learn more about the unique and varied opportunities available to medical professionals.

Jobs for doctors abroad… more
July 21, 2015

Test Retake Tips to Improve Your MCAT Score

So, you didn’t quite get the MCAT score you wanted. Don’t worry, you still have a shot at medical school. Retaking the test can show significant improvement—but only if you redouble your efforts.

Retaking the test to hit your target

There are plenty of reasons why you may have underperformed on the MCAT. Perhaps you found yourself with less time to study than you initially anticipated, or perhaps you were struck by Test Day anxiety.

Whatever the reason, if you’re planning to retake the MCAT, you need to be prepared. Maintaining those old studying habits from the first time … more
July 17, 2015

Tips for Your Secondary Medical School Application

The official starting date to submit your AMCAS applications for the 2016 medical school application cycle has passed us by. That means your applications are ideally on their way to being reviewed and evaluated to determine whether you’ll be sent a secondary application.

As the proactive applicant that you are, you’re already thinking ahead to your strategy for completing your secondaries. What exactly will the admissions committee be looking for this time around?

To help you prepare for the next step, we’re going to talk about some essentials to include in your updated secondary medical school application.… more
August 3, 2015

Social Media for Medical School Admissions

The Internet comes in handy when applying to medical school—but it also makes it easy to lose precious hours tracking down the new MCAT scoring scale or finding out about the acceptance rate of your target program.

To help you cut through the noise and stay up to date on all the latest MCAT and medical school news, we’re taking a closer look this week at the value of social media. Check out our suggestions below for finding online resources that will keep you in the know.

Medical school admissions in 140 characters

Signing up for a Twitter account is … more
July 10, 2015

Taking a Break Won’t Ruin Your Medical School Application

The sun is shining and your first year as a pre-med student is over. In looking forward to your career in medicine, you may be wondering, “What can I do to beef up my medical school application this summer?” Well, taking a break might just be the answer.

You heard correctly. Rest up, relax, and spend time with friends and family doing things you enjoy. We promise it won’t ruin your shot at medical school.

Taking a summer break as a pre-med

It perhaps seems counterintuitive, but spending the summer relaxing may actually be better than driving yourself crazy … more
July 7, 2015

What Is the Medical School Early Decision Program?

You’ve gotten your MCAT score, you’ve completed your AMCAS application, and you’re ready to hit submit—but you have one lingering question: What is the Early Decision Program and is it right for you?

Let’s break it down, shall we?

What is the Early Decision Program?

As the name suggests, this program allows for those students who already have their heart set on one particular medical school to potentially gain acceptance earlier in the admissions cycle.

There are certain sets of criteria included as part of the program. Students who apply early must meet the application deadline, which in most … more
July 1, 2015

Your Medical Career: Past, Present, and Future

It’s the first day of July, which traditionally means that new interns, residents, and fellows at teaching hospitals will be getting ready for their first day on the job.

Interns especially always tend to feel a bit overwhelmed around this time. Going from medical school, a safe and nurturing learning environment, to working as an official MD and being solely responsible for your patients is a big transition. It can be a terrifying first step into your medical career, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to gain perspective on the path you’ve chosen.

Medical career reflections

In two short years, … more

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