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June 15, 2015

Three Physician Specialties You Should Know About

Many students are aware that there are different residencies available for physicians to train in after medical school—popular ones include surgery, radiology, dermatology, and anesthesiology. However, many aren’t aware of the vast number of physician specialties out there, or that training via fellowships is available after residency for those who want to specialize in a narrower field.

Here’s a quick glimpse at the lesser known side of physician specialties and what you’ll need to do to join them.

Flight Surgeon

The phrase “flight surgeon” may conjure up the idea of a mid-air operation, perhaps a trauma bay in the belly … more
October 24, 2014

Performing My First Physical Exam

Hello my excited readers! I did something fun and new today that I want to share with you. Today, I performed my first physical exam on a patient. To be fair, the exam was performed in a testing scenario, so my patient was healthy, grading me, and the exam had to be performed in fifteen minutes or less. Regardless, after nine weeks of memorizing the minutiae of the human body, it was nice to feel like I was doing something that resembled my conception of what the daily life of a physician involves.

The way it’s set up at my … more
October 24, 2014

Try Us For Free! Announcing Kaplan’s Critical Thinking Skills Workshops

Now that Winter is winding down, and Spring is around the corner, the reality of the Spring and Summer MCAT administrations is coming into the minds of your advisees. As you know, many of the March and April testing locations are filling up very fast – if not already full. May, June, and July exams won’t be far behind either.

To help your students prepare for the coming test administrations, Kaplan is offering a unique opportunity for your students during the month of March – the opportunity to try us for free! We are hosting a series of free … more

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