Why Teach During Medical School?

EMILY HAUSE - AWhy Teach During Medical School?Hello my curious readers! Today I want to wanted to answer a question that I was posed last night by one of my awesome MCAT students (quick shout out to my rockin’ Fort Collins MCAT class).

The question is- Why do I teach during medical school?

It’s a great question and it’s one that I’d like to answer on this blog because I think teaching during medical school is beneficial for medical students and Kaplan MCAT students. It would be super easy to quit teaching given that medical school involves studying a bunch and running around like a crazy-pants most days. Here’s why I still teach:

Reason 1- I love helping people. I am in the medical field because of this desire to help people. Here’s the issue though, med school often doesn’t feel like practicing medicine and studying all day certainly doesn’t feel like I’m helping anyone. Teaching a three-hour class and really helping students tackle some tricky concepts is instant gratification and allows me that outlet for helping others.

Reason 2- I have the knowledge. Not only do I have the knowledge and strategies necessary to crush the MCAT, but I also applied to medical school multiple times. I’ve done the AMCAS application, interviewed at a bunch of medical schools and harassed so many admissions people that several of them know me by name. That admissions knowledge is not super useful to me now that I’m in med school, but I want to share my years of experience with all of my students. Hopefully, it’s useful to them and it will help them achieve acceptance to medical school.

Reason 3- I’m meeting future colleagues. For years, I helped students get into medical school before I, myself, was accepted. Now, I’ve run into several of my former students at conferences and meetings. It’s neat to think that the student who I help with Verbal Reasoning will be a respected colleague of mine in the future. It’s also fun to think about my future contributions through the field of medicine not only through my actions but through the actions of all of my former students.

Basically, I love teaching the MCAT and helping students get into medical school. I’d like to think that it’s a win-win because I get the satisfaction of helping others and my students benefit from my knowledge and passion.

Have you ever thought of teaching? Why or why not?

Happy studying!
  • Abdallah

    I did, although I’m teaching the Arabic language, but after I take my MCAT god-willing I’m going to give a free public offer through a post on my Facebook to help and teach anybody with any mcat subjects just for the sake passing on that knowledge and helping, it sure does make you feel good.

    • cher

      Are you an International student? Thanks

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