Choosing an MCAT Test Date: ReKAPed


Great! Now we are getting started on our MCAT prep journey and we are looking at the MCAT as an opportunity NOT an obstacle! The next thing that we need to start thinking about is choosing an MCAT Test Date.  Here on Med School Pulse we have written quite extensively on Choosing an MCAT Test Date and I am going to link back to some of my favorite posts that we have written.

The first one is Choosing an MCAT Test Date: Part 1. Things to take away from this article…

  • Time of Year
  • Morning and Afternoon Testing
  • Weekday or Weekend Test
  • Personal Obligations
  • Testing Center Locations

The follow up to that article is Choosing an MCAT Test Date Part 2: MCAT 2014 or MCAT 2015 The things to ask yourself…

  • Is there enough time to prepare and take the old MCAT?
  • What if I don’t have the proper course background to take the new MCAT?
  • Which exam will be easiest for me to get a top MCAT score?

Lastly Emily Hause wrote a reminder post on the additional MCAT Test Dates for the current version of the MCAT!

Let me know what questions you guys have! Friday I am going to be talking about building a proper MCAT Study Schedule!

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