Bonus! New MCAT Test Dates Announced

NEW MCAT TEST DATESHello my excited readers! I have some awesome news for you today! There are new MCAT test dates! If you are hoping to the the MCAT before the big changes come in 2015, but aren’t quite ready to take your test in August or September, the AAMC has heard your needs. They recently announced that they are adding test dates in October and November! 

You can check out the new test dates and important registration dates here! 
This is an unprecedented, wonderful opportunity to get in your MCAT before the AAMC adds the social science information and lengthens the test overall. Check out this great Pulse video to see how and why Sociology and Psychology are integrated onto the new MCAT. People who are going to really benefit from these extra test dates are people who aren’t applying in the 2014 application cycle, but in the 2015 cycle.

By taking your test in October or November,  you can maximize your time studying this summer (potentially with a class or by attending the rockin’ MCAT Summer Intensive Program) and early into the fall. You’ll have your MCAT score long before applications open in June 2015 and you’ll be able to take the shortened version of the test. Hopefully you can see why I’m super pumped about the opportunity for you!

Anyone out there in MCAT-land as excited as I am about the new test dates?

Happy studying!

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