Dr. Josh Question of the Week! – Transcription Factors

MCAT Question of Day Protein


The correct answer choice here is D. This is a question that we don’t want to OVERthink. From the question stem you know that the transcription factors will bind to nucleic acids. This means that SP1 will bind to both DNA and RNA. So all you need to do to answer this question correctly is figure out which organelle does NOT contain DNA or RNA.

(A) rRNA synthesis occurs in the nucleoli and SP1 would be found there.

(B) Mitochondrial DNA must replicate and SP1 would be fuond there.

(C) SP1 would be found in ribosomes since they are partially composed of rRNA.

So D is our correct answer. The Golgi apparatus is the organelle responsible for the processing, packaging, and distribution of proteins. It is not composed of nucleic acids, nor does it process them. Sine there are no nucleic acids within the Golgi apparatus, SP1 would not bind to it.

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