Ch-ch-ch-changes to Healthcare- What You Need to Know?

Hello all of my doctors-to-be! I hope that you’re having a great July and studying hard for those upcoming August and September MCAT test dates. I want to take a step away from my usual focus on the MCAT and instead today focus instead on the larger world that you all, as aspiring physicians, are about to enter.

Recently there has been a lot of noise about healthcare reform and maybe you’ve heard of a little something called the Affordable Care Act. You may also be thinking, especially recently since it’s been in the news, about how on earth you’re going to be able to pay off your student loans. My encounters with both of these subjects are going to be in a later, more developed blog post i.e. how on earth does one really afford med school?

But today, I want to refer you to these videos. I found them very helpful for both explaining some upcoming changes in healthcare and explaining what the future looks like for me. They were especially interesting to me since I plan on eventually becoming a primary care physician. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Also, earlier this week I mentioned that you should use all of the available resources that you have and I want to highlight one that I’m particularly fond of. There is an upcoming pulse event that focuses on the interview process and I highly recommend that if you are applying this cycle, you go ahead and check it out. You may feel overwhelmed right now by MCAT studying or secondary applications, but it’s rewarding to stay a step ahead. For you, that means thinking about how you’re going to prepare for your inevitable medical school interviews. Go ahead and sign up here!

Happy studying!

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