Summer Fun! The Ultimate Pre-Med School To-Do List

320px-Summer_LoveHello my eager MCAT students! I’m sure that you’re all busy with MCAT studying, filling out your AMCAS applications or perhaps you have already started working on your secondary application essays. No matter what is keeping you busy these days, I hope you got a second to check out my post from last week about the epic day that I found out I got into medical school. This week I want to give a little bit of advice about what to do before you start school.
I asked many of my former students who have gone onto medical school as well as many current students about what I should do the summer before attending medical school. Here is the advice I got:
1. Travel- Traveling is not impossible in medical school and in fact, there are many rotations that students can take outside of their state and even outside the country. The fact is though that school requires a lot of studying and that is going to cut down on your available travel time. With this advice in mind, in the past year I have visited Chicago, New York, Oklahoma, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, California and a few of my favorite Minnesota spots.
2. Relax- You have been working so hard to get into medical school. Chances are that you’re balancing work, volunteering, shadowing in addition to trying to be an awesome person. Take some time to just exist without a looming deadline. This is a tough one for me, but I find that by physically removing myself from work I can get some time to myself. Good luck finding me if I’m trying to relax!
3. Spend time with your friends and family- They have been busy supporting you throughout your medical school application process. Now is the time to remind them why you are such an awesome person to hang out with, before you climb back under your studying rock for a few more years.
4. Do a few of your favorite things- Okay, so I may have stolen this one from Julie Andrews, but the advice is still good. Whether it’s raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, make time to enjoy a few of your favorite things. For me, this involves dancing whenever possible, baking delicious desserts and just generally enjoying the glorious summer weather.
That’s the advice I got. What advice to you have? What is on your summer To-Do list?
Happy studying!
  • Bio_Undergrad

    Thanks for the advice! I might have to use it. :) I’ve always wanted to travel.

    • Emily Hause

      You’re welcome! Traveling has been an awesome way to spend my time before hopping into the books again :-)

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