Teaching the MCAT for Kaplan

MCAT-TEACHER-EMILYHello my dedicated MCAT students! I have been spending the past few weeks working with some of the best MCAT teachers in the country at the Boulder MCAT Summer Intensive Program. As a teacher, this is a unique experience because I get to share and brainstorm strategies and mnemonics in-person with my fellow teachers. Additionally, I get to nerd out like crazy about things like organic functional groups (see last week’s post) the glory of the the inverse relationships that are prevalent on the MCAT and the sheer beauty of a well-crafted passage and its questions.

This quality time with other awesome Kaplan instructors has also sparked a common question, “How did you start teaching for Kaplan?” which is incidentally the focus of this week’s blog post.

My story involves initially taking a Kaplan class in 2006 for the last paper and pencil administration of the MCAT. I took the class and subsequently the test and scored above the 90th percentile which is the cutoff for applying to become an instructor for Kaplan.

I didn’t even consider becoming a teacher until 2009 when my roommate, who did marketing for Kaplan (shout out to Katie W.), mentioned that there were some openings for ACT instructors. I applied, went through teacher training and quickly became an ACT teacher. From there I cross-trained in MCAT almost immediately, since there is frequent demand for a passionate MCAT instructor. The rest is, as they say, history.

Why am I telling you this? Well, when I was in your shoes, I never dreamed that I could become an MCAT instructor. However, it has turned out to be an incredibly rewarding, stimulating and challenging experience for me. The best part is that I get to help people conquer one of the obstacles on their path to achieving their dream of becoming a doctor. Interestingly enough, several of my former students have actually become Kaplan instructors themselves. If you love the MCAT, I encourage you to consider applying.

Please hit me up if you have questions about working for Kaplan or how awesome my job really is (hint- it’s pretty awesome).

Happy studying!

  • Fecliff

    Thanks for being here to teach me in Boulder Emily! I am so glad you became an MCAT instructor. The MCAT has made sense with your help.

    Congratulations and good luck in med school!

    • Emily Hause

      Thanks so much! I’m glad that I can help make sense of the MCAT for you. I can’t wait to hear that you’ve gotten into med school too, someday soon!

  • Amina Ahmad-Rahman

    I’m so grateful to have Emily as an instructor, she easily breaks down hard concepts and makes them easy to understand. Thanks Emily!

    • Emily Hause

      You’re welcome Amina!

  • Wadie

    Iev only been in the boulder program for a couple weeks but I already see a huge improvement in my confidence and critical thinking abilities. I contribute most of my success so far to Emily and what an incredible teacher she is! She truly has a gift and it’s evident every time she teaches. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me so far I look forward to working with you these last three weeks.

    • Emily Hause

      Thanks Wadie! I look forward to working with you too. You kill it with studying every day and I can’t wait for you to see it pay off.

  • Angel

    emily is awesome!!

    • Emily Hause

      Thanks Angel!

  • Ian D.

    Emily is the queen of verbal reasoning! Let her get into your mind as you read a passage and you’ll be unstoppable!

    • Steve S.

      Couldn’t agree more!!! She has be essential with my verbal.

      • Emily Hause

        Thanks Steve! Watch out for those Historico-Deductivists.

    • Emily Hause

      I love this post. I can’t wait for you to take another Verbal section on your next test! You’re going to kill it!

  • James Ning

    Great posts and picture. Emily helps keep time at SIP fun, interesting, and mentally engaging. Helps when a little sass is thrown in to keep spirits up during a long day. ;)

    • Emily Hause

      Thanks James! I’m glad that I have you to sass right back.

  • czar

    You stimulate minds

    • Emily Hause

      Almost as many as you do, Czar

  • Michael Finger

    Hey I’m Michael and velocity = frequency*wavelength. Figured I would start out with a real good ice breaker. :) Great post! You have been so motivational to me throughout the SIP program. Thank you for all the help! I am excited to see what the next few weeks has in store!

    • Emily Hause

      Thanks Mike! Incidentally, that’s one of my favorite icebreakers. You’re so welcome and I can’t wait to rock the next few weeks with you!

  • Caitlin

    Emily is an MCAT master! She’s a verbal reasoning NINJA and her strategies will blow. your. mind.

    • Emily Hause

      True story. However, you’re one of my Verbal Grasshoppers and will soon rival the master ninja :-)

  • dave

    You would make a great doc prof

    • Emily Hause

      Thanks Dave!

  • Zak

    You’re freaking awesome Emily!

    • Emily Hause

      So are you Zak!

  • Natalja Rosculet

    Emily is the verbal master! She’s such a fun and energetic instructor. Hopefully I’ll be in her group again this Sunday! :)

    • Emily Hause

      Thanks Natalja! I hope that you’ll be in my group too!

  • josh.d.chandler

    not gonna sugar-coat it… emily is a great instructor and almost freakishly enjoys helping students understand concepts…

    • Emily Hause

      Thanks Josh! It is slightly freakish, I will admit :-)

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