3 Tips to Taking an MCAT Practice Test

What better way is there to see how you’ll score on the MCAT than to take an MCAT practice test? This is the best tool to predict your score and see where there is room for improvement. If you’re wondering when and how to take your MCAT practice exam, then look no further!

Study table1. Take the practice test at the same time as the real exam.

If you’re a night owl and take the practice test at 8 p.m., then chances are you’re not getting the best prediction of your score. You’ll be extra alert at night and not on your A-game during the real exam when you take it in the morning. To ensure you’re ready for your real exam, begin your practice test at the same time.

2. Don’t take extra breaks or a one-hour hiatus between each section.

Taking the MCAT requires a certain level of focus. So if you take a one-hour television break between each section or decide to finish up your exam another day, you’re not accurately simulating the real exam environment. You can take sections of the practice exam individually if you’re just doing practice problems. But if you’re practicing taking the exam itself, then follow the same guidelines the proctors use.

3. Take your MCAT practice test before you begin preparing for the real exam.

The reasoning is pretty self explanatory: The practice test will let you know how much you need to prepare so you can study accordingly. Once you start preparing, take a practice exam on a weekly or biweekly basis to see if you’re improving. Allow yourself to change study tactics if you’re not increasing your score.

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