Innovation and the AMA

It’s no secret that the world is constantly evolving, with new resources and technology being developed each day.  The medical field is no exception to the tides of change, and as a reflection of the rapidly changing nature of medical education, the AMA recently announced a grant initiative to jump-start the medical school revolution. You can read all about the grants and the request for proposals from the AMA, but it sounds like they are off to a roaring start. Doctor1

In the AMA’s post, they mention some specific areas for improvement such as including lessons on the “business” of medicine, emphasizing team-based care, and designing curricula which reflect technological innovations as well as the increasingly diverse patient population. They acknowledge that all of these areas will be of increasing relevance as medicine continues to evolve and not adjusting the medical school curriculum would be detrimental to both students and patients.

Since I will be entering medical school this fall, I often find myself daydreaming about what I will be learning at this time next year.  With my public health background, I am curious to see how public health issues like the obesity epidemic, increasing resistance to vaccinations in certain communities, and large-scale changes to the medical system such as the Affordable Care Act will be incorporated into the medical school curriculum. I also wonder how medical school will prepare me to provide comprehensive care to people from all cultures and work with insurance companies.

Which leads me to my question of the day- As MCAT test-takers and, ideally, future medical school students, what do you hope to learn in medical school? I mean, clearly you hope to learn about working with patients, diagnosing illnesses/injuries, pathology of disease, etc. Beyond the essentials, though, what is something that you are really hoping to learn during your time in medical school?


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